Integrated two-component material proportioning system

Graco Reactor E-30i E-XP2i is a high-performance electrical system for 1:1 spraying of polyurethane foam, polyurethane and other fast-curing materials to ensure accurate heating temperatures and pressures. The system is complete with a generator (Perkins 404-22G engine, Mecc Alte 22kW, 240V, 60Hz generator, 85 ltr fuel tank), generator start board, compressor (Champion 5HP, 240V, 600 ltr / min), 50 ltr capacity resistor, air Pump and mixer control, 3-stage air filtration system, heat exchanger (generator coolant-2K material) and an electric storage box.

The main advantages of the system are lower fuel consumption and compactness (everything is mounted on a metal pallet and is 1.2 m wide and 1.5 m long). The generator delivers its own heat to 2K materials, which requires smaller heaters – only a 20 kW generator is needed (instead of 40 kW).

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