UV refinish material supply line installation in AB FREDA

AB Freda is a modern furniture manufacturing company investing in production and management optimization systems. In order to minimize the influence of the human factor when feeding the UV finishing materials into the shafts and reducing the cost of UV materials by replacing the existing container with larger containers (in 1 tonne containers), the company turned to specialists of UAB Silda. In the result of the joint work, 3 automatic, 70 meters long, heated, UV materials supply lines were installed.

Ton containers are stored in a separate room. Here they are blended with pneumatic mixers. Mixer speeds vary automatically depending on the amount of UV material remaining in the containers. The amount of material in the container reaches the specified critical limit, the operator is informed about the need to replace the empty container in full in the near future.
UV materials are transported through a heated line to the UV line shafts. An automatic shaft refill system is installed here.
AB Freda’s employees have positively evaluated system design and technical solutions.



Storage room for UV material